Friday, July 29, 2011

Lunch & Learn: Sickle Cell Disease

All students and faculty are invited to join us for this special "Lunch & Learn" event! Our guest speaker is a renowned Hematologist and expert on Sickle Cell Disease.
Dr. Adebayo Olujohungbe, whose current work is in cancer research, has published numerous peer-reviewed articles in the field of Hematology, a book on Sickle Cell Disease, as well as research articles on Multiple Myeloma.

Bring your lunch, learn and ask questions about the pathophysiology and manifestations of this disease.

See you all Wednesday August 3 at 12:00 (NOON)
in the Auditorium!

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Keeping Pace with DynaMed

Did you know that DynaMed has recorded nine "Practice-Changing Updates" already this morning? Yesterday, DynaMed posted 21 updates!
Never before has the saying "If you stand still you will be left behind" been more true than in the world of 21st century medicine.
How can you keep pace and truely provide current, best, evidence-based practice?
One method is to take advantage of DynaMed's "Recent Updates" page (notice the second link on left in the top navigation bar), which provides a view of the most recent articles added to DynaMed summaries.
‚ó¶DynaMed is updated daily through a 7-step evidence-based method for systematic literature surveillance so clinicians can find the best available evidence at the point of care. DynaMed topics provide synthesized summaries integrating new evidence with existing evidence to directly answer most clinical questions in a single source.
Check out DynaMed's new interface while you are there.
If you need more help accessing DynaMed come and see us in the Library for your EBSCO login and/or your mobile access code.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Library Addition is now OPEN!

The new study room addition to the Anne Ross Library is now open to students with 32 private study carrels!
Your cooperation is needed to maintain this space, along with the rest of the library, as a SUPER QUIET & FOOD FREE ZONE! We are also making a special request that you all take great care to not allow the furniture to get wet!

In addition, take note that any items left unattended are left at your own risk , and may be moved if the carrel is wanted by another student!

The power bars need to remain 'ON' at all times.
The hours for the Library Annex are the same as for the rest of the library:
Mon~Fri: 7:00am~10:00pm Sat/Sun: 9:00am~9:00pm

The Library Staff extends its thanks to President Warren Ross for approving this welcome addition to campus & to Dan Vitalo and the Facilities Crew for a job well done!

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Friday, July 08, 2011

Try the "Trust It or Trash It" Tool

Check out this great new tool for quickly evaluating the quality of health information presented on a website, booklet, handout, etc. Put on your critical thinking caps and let the tool guide you painlessly through the process.

Health professionals and families alike, can use the tool to judge the quality of currently available educational materials and to assist in the creation of new quality educational materials. The aim of the lead developer of this toolbox, the Genetic Alliance, was to provide assistance in determining information quality and completeness involving genetic conditions. Nonetheless, the principles are valid for all health and medicine topics.

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