Thursday, May 03, 2018

Acid-Base Disturbance Cases on AccessMedicine

Are you struggling with a complicated acid-base disturbance case?

AccessMedicine now includes 58 new Acid-Base Disturbance Cases to help both students and practicing providers hone their skills and master these difficult concepts. These cases are progressive, complex cases appropriate for the advanced medical student and resident level physician covering double and triple acid-base disturbances. The questions are multiple choice and build on each other so they must be answered before moving on to the next page. Each question provides the user with a rationale for the correct answer to maximize learning. Navigate to the Hospital Corner or Cases tab in the main navigation bar to access  the cases.

Also the AccessMedicine core textbooks provide in-depth information on acid-base disturbances to help students and practicing providers take a deeper dive into the physiology of each type of disturbance. Here are a few examples of applicable chapters within a few AccessMedicine core textbooks:
Current Medical Diagnosis & Treatment 2018, Chapter 21: Electrolyte & Acid-Base Disorders
Critical Care, Chapter 28: Acid-Base Disorders
Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine, 19e, Chapter 66: Acidosis and Alkalosis
Principles and Practice of Hospital Medicine, 2e, Chapter 238: Acid-Base Disorders

As with all the other AM cases, users must be logged into their MyAccess personal account to answer the questions. Contact the library if you need help with your personal MyAccess logins for AccessMedicine.

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Thursday, April 02, 2015

Quick Mobile Medical Dx with the Access Medicine App

The Access Medicine App is now available to UMHS faculty and students for your mobile devices.

This resource contains four of the key diagnostic resources that are in Access Medicine:
  •  Quick Medical Dx & Rx
  •  Fitzpatrick's Color Atlas of Clinical Dermatology
  •  Diagnosaurus 
  •  Diagnostic Tests
Steps to set up on your mobile: 
  1. Download the App to your device.
  2. Using a browser on your device, navigate to the Access Medicine website
  3. Sign in with your personal login.
  4. Minimize this screen and now open the App
  5. Sign into the App with your personal login.
  6. It will take a minute to download and then you are go to go!
 If you need further assistance with your set up please contact the library.

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Monday, December 08, 2014

Library Event: "Library Resources ~ Maine & Beyond"

Attend this Library Event and learn how to access the online information resources that the Anne Ross Library provides for all UMHS students once they transition to the Portland, Maine campus and beyond.

Hear about:
Access Medicine
Medline Complete 
DynaMed & Omnio
 Med5 Toolkit!

See you all there!

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Monday, October 27, 2014

AccessMedicine at UMHS

UPDATE Monday October 27, 2014: UMHS is pleased to announce that it is now in the process of purchasing a subscription to AccessMedicine! This is great news for our Faculty and Students, both in Basic Sciences and Clinical Sciences! Watch for more announcements as UMHS rolls out its Custom Curriculum using this platform.

 The Anne Ross Library is pleased to announce that for the next 2 months UMHS will be trialing the premier product from McGraw Hill Medical supporting medical education, Access Medicine, along with the new companion product Clinical Access.

What is AccessMedicine? AccessMedicine is a comprehensive online medical resource that provides medical students and residents with a complete spectrum of knowledge needed to excel in basic science studies and clinical clerkships. Instant access to videos, self-assessment, and leading medical textbooks facilitates decision-making at the point-of-care; enables faculty to create, track, and report their students’ progress through a curriculum tool; and allows physicians to brush up on their medical knowledge.

Medical Reference Texts: More than 85 medical reference texts such as Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine and CURRENT Medical Diagnosis & Treatment are available in their latest editions. Find the full list of texts on AccessMedicine at:

Extensive multimedia library: A unique collection of more than 250 examination and procedural videos, patient safety modules, audio files, and animations that feature complicated concepts presented in terms students can understand. For a complete listing of videos and animations go to:

Differential Diagnosis Tool: Connect to more than 1,000 diagnoses through Diagnosaurus®, a tool that saves you time by allowing you to browse by symptom, disease, or organ system at the point of care.

Other Quick Reference Tools:
  • Practice Guidelines are annually updated guidelines from Current Practice Guidelines in Primary Care that assist in disease screening, prevention, and management by providing succinct digest versions of longer original guidelines.
  • Diagnostic Tests, from Pocket Guide to Diagnostic Tests, is a quick reference guide to the selection and interpretation of commonly used diagnostic tests, including laboratory procedures in the clinical setting.
  • Quick Medical Dx & Rx is a collection of concise evidence-based outlines of conditions and disorders most often encountered in medical practice – perfect for high-yield review or for quick reference in the clinical setting.
Self-Assessment: Extensive Q&A to assist students and residents in exam preparation.

Patient Education: Comprehensive, reliable healthcare information for adults, pediatrics, medicines, and acute settings available in multiple languages and for over 7000 topics

Integrated Drug Database: Look up dosing, indications, and adverse reactions quickly from more than 1,000 generic and brand-name drugs, with customizable, printable patient handouts presented in English and Spanish.

Images: Tens of thousands of photos and illustrations to aid in visual diagnosis are available to save and download for educational purposes.

Clerkship Corner: An invaluable resource that presents clerks with the complete scope of information they need to be familiar with to successfully become residents. Clerkship Corner provides a suggested reading list for students to master required topics. Content is organized by core topics in internal medicine.

Cases: A selection of cases from across the popular Case Files series and Pathophysiology of Disease helps medical students better understand and evaluate real world experiences by offering questions to frame the case and the approach to the patient.

Custom Curriculum: This powerful online tool helps ease the workflow for program directors by customizing and managing resident training from one convenient site.To access this portion of the site you will need to create a personal login to a MyAccess account. Watch a short video explaining how to do this.

Watch your email for information on how to login and begin to enjoy this excellent resource!
[This information has been gleaned from the Access Medicine website]

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