Thursday, January 17, 2013

Anyone for Football? Volleyball? Soccer?

Now when you need to take a break from the books to run around and kick some ball ~ you can ~ and without leaving campus!
Come to the library and check out one of the 3 new UMHS sports balls (a volleyball, football and soccer ball) now available for students to use ~ thanks to a generous donation by your fellow student and Sports Club President for the past two semesters, Alexandru Cojanu.
YEAH Alexandru!

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Wednesday, January 09, 2013

The Popularity Game and the Cost of Health Care

The game that used to be reserved for politicians; the game that parents are not supposed to play; the game that Google rankings depend on, celeb's slave for, teens die for, and medical school professors pretend to ignore; namely, the 'popularity contest'.

Now consider the effects of this game on the medical profession and its consequences for the rising cost of health care. Surprised? Just consider how you would rate your doctor in a patient satisfaction survey if he/she told you that you needed to lose 30 pounds? 
"You can tell people to eat their vegetables all you want; they’re still going to remember more fondly the person who gave them a slice of cake."
Were you aware that the growing trend in the United States is to tie a physician's compensation to their performance - not in the operating room - not in providing quality evidence-based care - but on their rating on the patient satisfaction survey?

Catering to Patients Can be Harmful to Their Health

I invite you to read this very interesting article by Kai Falkenberg published in Forbes [Jan 2, 2013] called, "Why Rating Your Doctor is Bad for Your Health?" .

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Monday, January 07, 2013

BioMed Central Launches Searchable Database of Medical Case Reports

The BMC Cases Database is a freely-accessible and up-to-date data base of over 11,000 medical case reports from publishers such as Springer, BMJ and PubMed Central. Bio-Med Central has aggregated these case reports together into one searchable database to facilitating comparison and provide clinicians, researchers, regulators and patients a simple resource to explore content, and identify emerging trends. An advanced search and alerts feature is also provided.

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