Thursday, June 28, 2012

Dean's Grand Rounds

Following on the success of last semester, The Deans' Grand Rounds for our Spring 2012 semester should also prove to be very interesting and informative. The schedule so far is as follows:
  • May 17: "Embracing the Future of Health Care" with Dr. Mountasser Kaadrie.
  • June 7: "The History of Medicine: Part 1" with Dr Michael Doherty, Professor of Neuroscience.
  • June 14: "The History of Medicine: Part 2" with Dr Michael Doherty.
  • June 26: "Technological Advances in Varicose Vein Treatment." with Dr. Kathryn Bohn, Dr Thomas Neilsen, and Illinois Vein Specialist Staff.
  • July 19: "The US ~ Canadian Health Care Debate" with students Dyman Shepherd (US corner) and Rafal Szymczuk (Canadian corner).  
  • August 2: "Recipe for Longevity" with Dr Girish Kotwal, Professor of Microbiology.
Please join us in the Auditorium at 12:30 pm and bring your lunch!

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