Wednesday, October 04, 2017

UMHS LMS Provides Open Online Meeting Rooms

Enhance your small group study, meet virtually as a class, or just communicate with each other, using the open online meeting tool provided in the UMHS LMS (Learning Management System).

These virtual meeting places are open and available anytime, in each course for the use of those in that course, as well as at the institutional level. Three different meeting 'rooms' are available on the front page of the LMS for anyone at UMHS to meet together.

Drop in anytime or arrange a time for a group to join in together for academic discussion, study, and information sharing.
from the LMS Development Team

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Webinar: “Trends in the U.S. Health Care Landscape” with Ed O’Neil, PhD

Health care in the U.S. is a 2 trillion dollar industry making up 16% of the overall economy. There are a host of dynamic internal and external changes that are radically reshaping the health care environment and impacting consumers, providers, and institutions of care.

To accommodate schedules as best as possible, the webinar will be offered twice:
Thursday, March 20 & Friday, March 21st ~ from 12:00noon – 1:00pm ET.
To join the Webinars, please follow these instructions.
Approximately 10-15 minutes or so before the scheduled start time:

1) In your web browser, type in
2) In the upper right hand corner, where it reads Start or Join Meeting, click on “As a Participant”
3) In the next screen that appears, next to the phrase “Moderator’s Meeting Number” – enter the meeting number [ask or phone the Library Desk to obtain the number]
4) Then click on “Join Meeting as a Participant”
5) Once you do that, you can enter your name and then your telephone number to request to be dialed into the audio portion of the call.

Again, we strongly recommend you follow this process at least 10 minutes or so ahead of time, to allow time for troubleshooting if necessary. Additionally, once you click on “join meeting” a brief browser compatibility test will be launched automatically before you gain access to the meeting.

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