Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Healthcare Business Titles Added to AccessMedicine

McGraw Hill has announced the addition of 14 new Healthcare Business Titles to the AccessMedicine platform.  These titles will appeal to practicing clinicians, healthcare administrators, residents, fellows, and medical students.
"The focus of these books ranges from softer skills, such as communication and conflict resolution, to leadership and management training, to quality improvement and patient safety projects with Lean Six Sigma, to healthcare technology and privacy issues." 
Please remember that AccessMedicine also includes a series of ten  Healthcare Systems Titles on the site, covering topics such as quality, safety, policy, and ethics.

UMHS Students:
You where all sent your personal logins to AccessMedicine at the beginning of your first semester at UMHS. If you have any problem signing into this resource, please contact the Library.

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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

EBSCO eBook App Supports the Clinical & Academic Collections

The new EBSCO eBooks App supports the complete EBSCO eBooks experience, allowing you to discover eBooks in the UMHS collection of clinical and general academic titles. Download them to your device, and begin reading immediately, all within the app. The link is provided on the Anne Ross Library Home page, look down the left-hand sidebar.

The EBSCO eBooks App is available for:
Watch a tutorial on searching and downloading EBSCO eBooks using the app or click here for the Quick Start User Guide.

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Friday, April 10, 2015

EBSCO eBook Collections Now Available at UMHS

The Anne Ross Library is pleased to announce the addition of eBook collections from EBSCOHost,  providing  hundreds of thousands of titles, available across all major academic subject areas. Users can access the full text of eBooks from their computer, or can download titles to most popular portable devices.

This collection contains a large selection of multidisciplinary eBook titles representing a broad range of academic subject matter. The breadth of information contained here will support our faculty and student body with access to information relevant to their studies, research and life-long learning.

There are more than 140,000 eBooks in this package, including titles from leading university presses such as Oxford University Press, MIT Press, State University of New York Press, Cambridge University Press, University of California Press, McGill-Queen's University Press, Harvard University Press and many others. Additional academic publishers include Elsevier, Ashgate, Taylor & Francis, Sage, and Wiley.
Subject coverage includes:
  • Art
  • Business & Economics
  • Education
  • Language Arts & Discipline
  • Literary Criticism
  • Medical
  • Performing Arts
  • Philosophy
  • Poetry
  • Political Science
  • Religion
  • Social Science
  • Technology & Engineering
  • And other academic fields
Designed for use in clinical settings, biomedical libraries and academic-medical institutions, the Clinical Collection features over 2,600 hand-selected, quality ebook titles that focus on medical specialties, nursing, allied health and general practice areas. Through the eBook Clinical Collection, users have access to the most current content; all titles in the collection are from 2008 and forward (with a significant majority of titles from 2010 and later), and newer titles replace older content as updates are made so that users always have access to the latest information. Notable titles in the collection include:
  • ICD-10-PCS: An Applied Approach
  • Endoscopic Pituitary Surgery: Endocrine, Neuro-ophthalmologic, and Surgical Management
  • Dimensions of Long-term Care Management: An Introduction
  • Comprehensive Handbook of Pediatric Audiology
  • Evidence-based Practice in Audiology: Evaluating Interventions for Children and Adults with Hearing Impairment
  • Healthcare Strategic Planning
  • Guide to Board Certification in Clinical Psychology
Additional publishers highlighted in this package include Wiley, Oxford, Sage, World Scientific, Demos, American Academy of Oral Medicine, and many others.
View a video on "How to Search for an eBook ". All titles in these collections are available with unlimited user access, and new titles are regularly added to the collection.

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Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Emerging Infectious Diseases: What is Behind the Trend?

While we applaud the hard fought gains against poliomyelitis, new infectious diseases are continuing to emerge around the world and old ones are appearing in new locations. Statistics reveal that 25% of global deaths are attributed to infectious organisms. What’s behind this trend? Has human behavior amplified the problem?
The National Academies, advisers to the government of the United States in science, engineering, and medicine, has created a new website to provide you with dependable, objective, and authoritative information to further understand and answer your questions about infectious diseases. Highlighted are topics related to infection, threats, challenges, and prevention.
"The Institute of Medicine (IOM) and the National Research Council (NRC) have conducted numerous studies and workshops on the topic of infectious disease. The information on this site draws from that body of material and on other sources, offering a basic toolkit of facts and concepts to help people understand this complex topic."

Also access more resources from the National Academies, including this companion ebook, as well as other ebooks on important health topics.

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Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Student Attitudes to e-Books

According to recent studies of student usage of electronic book resources, the evidence is growing that students are rapidly becoming "technologically dependent", however print textbooks are not dinosaurs yet. In one study done by an e-textbook provider in the US, it was found that
"...85% of the 500 students surveyed reported that technology saved them time when studying. 63% of students who owned a device said they had read an e-text book this way at least once – and 46% said they would be more likely to complete their reading if it was in a digital format. 61% said that e-books are easier to search."
Meanwhile a study from the UK discovered that
"...printed books remain the most used resource. 48% of students are using the library to access printed books and 38% are borrowing e-books from the library. Only 9% are buying e-books and price remains an issue."
 Click on the link for more information from the 'Information Today: Europe Blog'.

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Panel of Students Comment on 'The Textbook'

Recently in London, a UK Publishers Association in partnership with the University of Greewich, held a one day conference entitled ‘Students at the Heart of the System: How to fulfill their learning needs?’.

A panel of students was afforded the opportunity to register their take on the academic 'textbook'. Note some comments and expectations voiced by the Student Forum:
"Too much information – students are often overwhelmed by the amount of information, across a variety of formats... Although access to information is important, the critical skills to analyse and filter are greatly in demand."
"There is an overwhelming need for information analysis skills."
"Most students recognised that a mixture of formats is necessary or even desirable."
"Students would love, shorter chapters, chapter summaries, key learning points, revision aids etc."
"Because of the cost of their education, students expect their learning resources to be made available by their institutions/ libraries – and think most of them should be free. They should also be available in any format they can."

Click on the post title to read the report published November 21, 2011 in the "Information Today: Europe Blog"

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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

TeleRead: Bring the E-Books Home

Interested in the latest developments in e-books?

Check out this excellent blog & sign up for the RSS feed to keep track of this moving target!

Left ~ Mobipocket on a Blackberry
Right ~ The Kindle 2

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

PubMed Clinical Q&A

PubMed Clinical Q&A is a collection of summaries of health information, systemic reviews and answers to clinical questions. A great searchable resource for those PBL sessions!

"Each summary contains several questions that compare treatments, for example: "How do statins compare in reducing 'bad cholesterol' (LDL-c)?"
A brief answer which highlights recent findings is available, along with a link back to the source of the evidence where more details can be found."

...just one of the many excellent full text medical ebooks available on the NCBI Bookshelf [find permanent link in the right sidebar].

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