Friday, July 13, 2007

Eastern Caribbean Conference on Health

Nevis, July 16 -20, 2007
Four Seasons Resort

"Cooperating to build heathier communities"

Conference Overview:
Chronic diseases are the leading causes of death in the countries of the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) like that of the wider region.
Heart disease, stroke, hypertension and diabetes account for over half of deaths.
In addition, there is evidence that obesity is on the increase and the threat of HIV/AIDS remains an important health issue for the region.

Tackling these complex health challenges is a priority for these small states. Although policy initiatives and programs already exist, there are opportunities to strengthen these through partnership with regional and international experts. The conference will provide a forum for local, regional, and international policy leaders, health care practitioners, and the community to examine key issues and strategies for improving the health of the OECS region.

The specific goals of the conference are to:
Highlight opportunities for improving the health status of the countries in the OECS region.

Facilitate closer dialogue between health care practitioners, policy, education, and community leaders in developing and implementing strategies to improve the health of these populations

Review current best practices in the clinical and public health management of key health conditions such as diabetes, HIV/AIDS, hypertension, and obesity

Heighten community awareness about the prevention and management of key health conditions

Establish effective local, regional and international partnerships to strengthen the health care infrastructure and improve health care delivery