Thursday, July 20, 2006

Lower social classes age faster

Lower social classes age faster
By Ian Sample
Scientists have uncovered evidence of a new class divide: the lower oursocial standing, the faster we age. The claim follows the discovery ofaccelerated ageing among working class volunteers, leaving thembiologically older than those higher up the social ladder.
Genetic tests revealed that being working class could add the equivalentof seven years to a person's age, ... scientists report in the journal AgingCell today.
Researchers led by Tim Spector at St Thomas' hospital in London ruledout differences in income, smoking, body weight and exercise, and concludedthat the stress of being at the bottom of the social pile increasescellular damage which speeds up ageing.
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Customize PubMed with My NCBI

E-mail Alerts for Articles from your Favorite Journals
July 14, 2006 [posted]
A Quick Tour demonstrating how to use My NCBI to set up e-mail alerts for articles from your favorite journals is now available from the PubMed Online Training page (click on the Tutorials link on the PubMed sidebar) and the Distance Education Program Resources page.

Language Barrier Affecting Health Care

Language Barrier Affecting Health Care
Proper Medical Care May Be Hampered by Lack of Qualified Interpreters
July 19, 2006 article in WebMD